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The childhood sex abuse lawyers at Corsiglia McMahon & Allard have a proven record of holding child molesters and their enablers accountable for their actions. We've built a national reputation on successful representation of sex abuse victims, which in turn helps make our community safer. We offer child molestation victims and their families support, guidance, compassion, and the utmost confidentiality.

More Than Just Childhood Sex Abuse Lawyers

We're proud that our litigative efforts make communities safer. On behalf of our child molestation victims and their families, we recover the maximum compensation possible. Additionally, we force companies and organizations to change their negligent ways by developing rules and guidelines which serve to better protect children from sex abuse. This in turn helps make everyday life safer for our children.

Robert Allard

Child Molestation Attorney Robert AllardChildhood sex abuse lawyer Robert Allard was the driving force behind the discovery of the largest sexual abuse scandal in amateur athletics in the United States. He represented a 14-year-old girl molested by a USA Swimming member coach. As a result of his relentless legal work, he forced the national governing body which selects our Olympic swim team to properly protect the nation's young athletes. Allard's litigation forced USA Swimming to completely revamp its child protection laws. At the same time, the United States Olympic Committee announced that it was centralizing and standardizing background checks across all Olympic sports. This ensured the protection of approximately one million athletes.

Thanks to Allard, the USA Swimming member clubs that serve our local community are now much better equipped to prevent predators from gaining access to innocent young swimmers. Mr. Allard has twice been honored by major swimming publications for his persistence in making the sport of swimming safer through litigation and advocacy.

Lauren Cerri

Attorney Lauren Cerri has committed herself to helping childhood molestation victims seek civil justice against their molesters and/or those institutions that cover up for and protect predators.

Childhood Molestation Attorney Lauren CerriMs. Cerri worked as an associate attorney at a personal injury law firm in Connecticut which represented hundreds of minors abused by the local Catholic diocese and other religious institutions. The firm also represented victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by family members, doctors, and teachers.

“There is no question that Ms. Cerri has the empathy, sensitivity, and experience to understand the effects of childhood sexual abuse,” states Mr. Allard.

Ms. Cerri says that she was moved to help childhood sexual abuse victims as a result of seeing the effects which molestation had on a young girl years after she was abused.

“The devastation to the child lasts a lifetime,” says Ms. Cerri.

In teaming up with Mr. Allard to protect children, Ms. Cerri says that people often ask her, “How do you do what you do? Isn’t it difficult?” Her response is, “How can I not do what I do?”

We Try Cases When Wrongdoers Refuse to Pay Fair Compensation

Reputable institutions and organizations would rather avoid a public trial. They prefer to settle out of court, but they don't always offer adequate compensation to the victim. If an institution refuses to accept responsibility for its negligence or pay a fair settlement to our clients, we won't hesitate to take them to court. To obtain maximum compensation, you need a law firm that has an established track record of successful settlements. An organization may spend millions of dollars to hire a crack team of lawyers and avoid paying the victims their due. We at Corsiglia McMahon & Allard have the drive, the talent, and the resources to take your case before a jury and win.

Recently, Mr. Allard directed a legal team representing four young children whose teacher sexually abused them. The school district refused to provide fair compensation for the lifetime of problems that these girls would likely experience. In response, Mr. Allard took the case to trial. In a matter of days, the school district backed down and paid the young child molestation victims $15 million. We have established a reputation as fearless, savvy child sex abuse lawyers. We won't be intimidated into accepting anything less than what our clients deserve. The law firm of Corsiglia McMahon & Allard proves that aggressive representation can lead to fair compensation.

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The child sex abuse lawyers at our firm are ready to give you the most aggressive legal representation. The process begins with a free and confidential case evaluation. You don't pay a penny to our attorneys unless we win the case. If your child and your family has been victimized by a predator or the institution which enabled the predator, contact a San Jose child molestation victims’ rights lawyer at Corsiglia McMahon & Allard.

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