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Meet the Team Working for Childhood Sexual Abuse Victims

We're one of the only law firms in the country with a dedicated team of attorneys and experts working full-time for the best interests of child molestation victims. As a result, our commitment works in favor of sex abuse victims and their families. In case after case, we hold child molesters and their enablers accountable for their actions by making them pay fair compensation for the permanent harm caused.

A Law Firm with a Sexual Abuse Legal Team and the Financial Resources to Win

For the child molestation victims and their families that we represent, our team of attorneys and experts match up against any large law firm hired by the other side. We will not be outnumbered by institutions that spend millions of dollars to evade responsibility nor will we be intimidated into accepting or settling for any compensation that is unfair to our clients. When you retain our law firm, a team of highly accomplished attorneys and professionals work together on your case.

Attorney Robert Allard

Sex Abuse Attorney Robert Allard

Attorney Robert Allard has dedicated his law practice to helping child molestation victims. He has twice been honored by major swimming publications for his persistence in making the sport of swimming safer for young children through litigation and advocacy. His greatest honor, however, is the trust survivors and their families place in him.

Attorney Lauren Cerri

Sex Abuse Attorney Lauren Cerri

Attorney Lauren Cerri's commitment to victim advocacy began after working with child molestation victims early in her career, gaining an understanding of the devastating trauma and anguish experienced by victims. She has since dedicated her career to the pursuit of civil justice for child sexual abuse victims and their families.

Attorney Mark Boskovich

Sex Abuse attorney Mark Boskovich

Attorney Mark Boskovich is driven to succeed by the care that he has for his clients. It's not unusual for Boskovich to work until all hours of the morning or night on your case. Boskovich is described as honest, ethical, and intelligent, with the ability to outthink the other side and win on legal issues brought before a judge.

Attorney Ray Mendoza

Ray Mendoza

Investigator Mike Leininger

Mike Leininger

Kim Telesco

Kim Telesco

Attorney Ray Mendoza is the retired Chief Trial District Attorney at Santa Clara County. Mendoza spent the last 13 1/2 years of his career prosecuting sexual assault cases, including child molestation, serial rapists and molesters. He also handled selected high profile prosecutions for the District Attorney’s Office, including prosecuting to verdict nearly 40 sexual assault cases.

Mike Leininger brings 34 years of law enforcement experience to the child sexual abuse legal team, including 28 years with the San Jose Police Department. Prior to retiring, Leininger was in charge of the SJPD sexual abuse team. He investigated hundreds of childhood sexual abuse cases and brings to the team the experience to help child sexual abuse victims.

Kim Telesco is the point person for the sex abuse legal team and the voice at the other end of your telephone call. Telesco ensures that all legal documents are filed on time. She also handles the scheduling of depositions, ordering of records, and prepares legal documents. Most importantly, by handling the details of each case, she allows the attorneys to spend their time preparing for trial.

Going the Extra Mile for Sexual Abuse Victims

To obtain maximum compensation, you need a law firm with an established track record. Our child molestation case results on behalf of our clients show that our team approach results in fair compensation for children harmed by sexual abuse.

It's no secret that schoolsdaycare centerschurches, camps, and organizations prefer to avoid a public trial and the bad publicity that comes with it. But unless you have the financial resources and an experienced legal team, these institutions will spend millions of dollars in legal fees to deny you fair compensation. We recognize that, and we work up every case with an eye towards a jury trial.

Many cases settle on the eve of trial. To achieve the best monetary settlement for a client requires a law firm to be thoroughly prepared to try the case. This preparation is what separates us from other attorneys. We start preparing for the trial the moment you retain our legal team of childhood sexual abuse attorneys.

$15 Million for Child Molestation Victims

Recently, the Corsiglia McMahon & Allard legal team concluded the successful representation of four young children sexually abused by their teacher. The school district refused to provide fair compensation for the lifetime of problems that these girls would likely experience. In response, the case went to trial. In a matter of days, the school district backed down and paid the young child molestation victims $15 million.  The law firm of Corsiglia McMahon & Allard continues to prove that aggressive representation leads to fair compensation.

Childhood Sexual Abuse Lawyers Working for a Safer Community

We are proud that our legal efforts make communities safer. In addition to recovering the maximum compensation possible for our clients, we force companies and organizations to change their policies by developing rules and guidelines which serve to protect children from sexual abuse. These changes help make everyday life safer for our children.

Making Youth Swim Programs Safer for Young Children

Childhood sex abuse lawyer Robert Allard was the driving force behind the discovery of the largest sexual abuse scandal in amateur athletics in the United States. He represented a 14-year-old girl molested by a USA Swimming member coach. As a result of his relentless legal work, he forced the national governing body which selects our Olympic swim team to protect the nation's young athletes.

Allard's litigation forced USA Swimming to revamp its child protection laws. At the same time, the United States Olympic Committee announced that it was centralizing and standardizing background checks across all Olympic sports. The background checks ensure the protection of approximately one million young athletes.

Thanks to Allard, the USA Swimming member clubs that serve our local communities are now much better equipped to prevent predators from gaining access to innocent young swimmers. Due to his efforts,  Allard has twice been honored by major swimming publications for his persistence in making the sport of swimming safer through litigation and advocacy.

In teaming up with Mr. Allard to protect children, attorney Lauren Cerri says that people often ask her, “How do you do what you do? Isn’t it difficult?” Her response is, “How can I not do what I do?”

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The childhood sexual abuse lawyers at our firm are ready to give you the most aggressive legal representation while at the same time ensuring that the best interests of your child come first. The process begins with a free and confidential case evaluation. You don't pay a penny to our attorneys unless we win the case. If your child and your family have been victimized by a predator or the institution which enabled the predator, contact our team at 408-289-1417.

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