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Safeguarding the Innocence of Children

No other law firm is doing more to protect children from sexual predators.

A Law Firm Representing Child Molestation Victims

Placing the best interests of sexually abused children first

Our team of child molestation attorneys seeks justice for childhood sexual abuse victims while at the same time placing the well being of the child first. Due to the lifetime impact of child sexual abuse, it is our job to ensure those child molestation victims receive the necessary financial resources to address the lifelong harm caused by the sexual abuse. In the last six years, our sexual abuse legal team has represented, advised, or consulted with 100's of sexually abused children, adults abused as children, or their loved ones.

Educator Sexual Abuse

Nearly one in ten students will graduate high school as a victim of educator sexual misconduct. In many cases, the warning signs were evident long before the predator struck. But those working in the schools missed the "red flags". They had no idea what the warning signs looked like. Learn how the work of our sexual abuse legal team can benefit your case.

Young swimmer

Forcing institutions to better safeguard our children.

In representing victims of USA Swimming coaching molestation, the law firm of Corsiglia McMahon & Allard forced the United States Olympic Committee to centralize and standardize background checks across all Olympic sports. The background checks protect one million young athletes who participate in youth club sports around the country.

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Protecting the rights of sex abuse victims.

We not only represent child molestation victims in the courtroom but we also work with legislators to ensure that the law protects sexually abused children.

Our efforts to date include:

The Award-Winning Attorneys at Corsiglia McMahon & Allard

Robert Allard

Robert Allard is dedicated to protecting children from sexual predators in schools, sports, and any organization that cares for children. In addition to representing victims of sexual abuse, Mr. Allard devotes a considerable amount of time to bringing awareness to the childhood sexual abuse epidemic afflicting our society through legislative efforts.

Lauren Cerri

Lauren Cerri has represented numerous child sexual abuse victims against the institutions that enable the abuse. In 2016, she was named Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Santa Clara County Trial Lawyers Association for her work in leading the trial team representing child sexual abuse victims in a case against a child care center.

Mark Boskovich

Mark Boskovich is known for his tireless efforts in advancing a client’s cause. He recognizes that healing from any injustice, be it sexual abuse or personal injury, is a complex, multi-step journey that is greatly influenced by the dedication and success of one’s legal representation.

Call the Attorneys Who Place the Best Interests of the Child First

Your child is already traumatized by sexual abuse. You need a law firm that is sensitive to the best interests of your child. Allow us to work on behalf of your child and hold predators along with their enablers accountable for the lifetime of harm caused.

We represent child molestation victims and adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse in San Jose - Santa Clara County - the Bay Area - Northern California. For a free consultation and a confidential evaluation with an experienced child molestation attorney, kindly call  408-289-1417.


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