Making Waves Academy Molestations

Making Waves Academy Teacher Accused of Sexually Molesting Elementary Children

When you send your child to school, you believe that they will be protected and safeguarded by those whom you trust to teach them. If a teacher molests your child, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. How can a teacher hurt those in his or her care—and in such a horrific way? At the law firm of Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard, we represent numerous childhood sex abuse victims and their families in cases where school districts have failed to adequately protect children from teachers who molest children.

Sadly, for many Contra Costa County families, this is a real situation, perpetrated by one of their own. Ronald Guinto was a teacher at the Making Waves Academy in Richmond, California. During his time there he is accused of sexually molesting 6 elementary school children. Investigators believe that these crimes happened on camping trips and overnight trips where Guinto was the lead chaperone. When the sexual abuse was first reported to Making Waves Academy, they immediately investigated the allegations, notified the police, and fired Guinto.

Yet Guinto was offered a full-time 7th-grade teaching position just two months later, at Mira Vista in the West Contra Costa County Unified School District. Human resources conducted a criminal check but did not check references, since they considered him a re-hire. It is currently the school district's policy not to require reference checks on re-hires. When police discovered that he was teaching again, they immediately rushed to get an arrest warrant.

Guinto was arrested and charged with 27 felonies. Although he pled not guilty to the charges, his bail was raised to $17 million dollars.

Schools Need to Tighten Procedures to Keep Kids Safe

Behind this horrific story is another underlying story of the incompetence of school district administration and policy. In a number of cases, child abuse has been tolerated, ignored, or allowed to continue due to districts failing to properly follow mandatory state reporting laws on child abuse.

When Guinto was hired by West Contra Costa Unified School District, they did run the required background checks and fingerprints, but did not check with his previous employer. Had they called Making Waves Academy, they would've immediately discovered the sexual allegations and investigation against him. Why didn't they call? Because he was already on the approved list. This is an unacceptable policy that should immediately be eradicated. Reference checks must be made on all district hires—including re-hires.

When police arrested Guinto, he was scheduled to take a new group of kids on an overnight trip to Yosemite. It is frightening to think what would've happened had the police not intervened in time.

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