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With a proven track record winning millions in compensation for clients.

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With a proven track record winning millions in compensation for clients.

Our attorneys get life-changing results for victims and survivors of childhood sexual abuse

mission college rape settlement

West Valley-Mission Community College District settles for $7.6 million with disabled rape victim

The West Valley- Mission Community College District will pay a disabled rape victim $7.6 million as a result of a lawsuit filed by the law firm of Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard.

The lawsuit filed in 2020 alleged that district officials failed to protect a now 26-year-old developmentally disabled woman from an instructional aide in the Program for Students with Developmental Disabilities that holds classes at Mission College in Santa Clara.

Who can bring a lawsuit for childhood sexual abuse?

Developmentally disabled persons have until the end of 2023 to file a lawsuit against a private institution(s) responsible for their sexual assault, no matter how long ago the assault took place.

What is sexual assault? 

The term "sexual assault" includes, but is not limited to, the touching of a person's intimate body part against his/her will, and sexual intercourse/sodomy/oral copulation/sexual penetration with a person who is incapable of giving legal consent due to a developmental or physical disability. This new law applies to the sexual assault of adults.

Developmentally disabled persons with sexual assault claims against a public entity(ies) such as a public school generally must file a claim within one year of the sexual assault. If you are beyond the one-year deadline you may still have a case but we will need more information to make that determination.

dartmouth verdict

Attorney Lauren Cerri wins a landmark $65 million sexual abuse verdict against the Union School District

A jury returned a total verdict of $102.5 million against the Union School District in a sexual abuse case involving two former students at Dartmouth Middle School.

Attorney Lauren Cerri represented the young girl responsible for music teacher Samuel Neipp's arrest and subsequent prison sentence. The jury awarded her $65 million. It is the largest single plaintiff sexual abuse verdict against a California school district.

Who can bring a lawsuit for childhood sexual abuse?

If you are under the age of 40 and were sexually abused as a minor, you have the right to bring a lawsuit against the perpetrator and the institution that enabled the abuse.

If you are over the age of 40 and were sexually abused as a minor, you may still have case but we will need more information to make that determination.

What is childhood sexual abuse? 

Childhood sexual abuse is defined as any type of sexual misconduct. It includes fondling a child’s body above or below the clothing, touching for sexual gratification purposes, or rape. It also includes exposing a child to pornography, exposing genitals to a child, performing sexual acts in a child's presence or watching a child undress or use the bathroom.

If you were a victim of childhood sexual abuse, give us a call to discuss your case.

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Reasons to select our sexual abuse legal team

We're one of the only law firms in the country with a dedicated team of attorneys and experts working full-time for the best interests of sexual abuse survivors. To obtain maximum compensation, you need a law firm with an established track record. The following represent a small sample of verdicts and settlements that we can publicly discuss.

$8.4 million against a statewide daycare provider.

$8.4 million against a statewide daycare provider.

Call us to discuss your case.

Call us to discuss your case.

In addition to recovering the maximum compensation possible for our clients, we force companies and organizations to change their policies by developing guidelines to better protect children from sex abuse.

The Award-Winning Sexual Abuse Attorneys

Robert Allard

Robert Allard is dedicated to protecting children from sexual predators in schools, sports, and any organization that cares for children. In addition to representing victims of sexual abuse, Mr. Allard devotes a considerable amount of time to bringing awareness to the childhood sexual abuse epidemic afflicting our society through legislative efforts.

Lauren Cerri

Lauren Cerri has represented numerous child sexual abuse victims against the institutions that enable the abuse. In 2016, she was named Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Santa Clara County Trial Lawyers Association for her work in leading the trial team representing child sexual abuse victims in a case against a child care center.

Mark Boskovich

Mark Boskovich is known for his tireless efforts in advancing a client’s cause. He recognizes that healing from any injustice, be it sexual abuse or personal injury, is a complex, multi-step journey that is greatly influenced by the dedication and success of one’s legal representation.

Helping survivors in high profile cases

Attorney Robert Allard has been THE lawyer responsible for court-room accountability for athlete sexual abuse inside the Olympic Movement over the past decade. He has been there to not just win for his current client, but to change case law and support legislation that would upset a system that had left victims in the cold. Victims need compensation to help them heal from trauma. Prevention is the best remedy of all, and Bob Allard’s long-term commitment and integrity is changing the landscape for athletes in sports by making the problem too expensive for the Olympic Movement to ignore.
           Nancy Hogshead-Makar, J.D., CEO, Champion Women, 3X Olympic Gold Medalist

USA Swimming settles sex abuse lawsuit by Olympian

The monetary settlement reached by USA Swimming’s insurance companies and Mrs. Ariana Kukors Smith allowed the 2012 Olympian to re-focus on the sport that she loves and to begin healing.

Youth tennis sexual abuse settlement

Sexual abuse survivor Stevie Gould says suing the US Tennis Association was an ‘empowering’ experience. “It empowered me to feel like I can speak up even more than I already have to tell my story in the best way that I can, and to know that I can speak to people in all different situations in life and know that I have people behind me, people supporting me.”

Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys sued for alleged sexual abuse and rape

A civil lawsuit was filed by Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard against Backstreet Boys pop star Nick Carter for the alleged February 2001 rape of a 17-year-old girl. Attorney Mark Boskovich is encouraging anyone with information on the case, as well as other women who may have been sexually assaulted by Nick Carter, to call 408-289-1417.


U.S.T.A. lawsuit

A rising tennis star who was sexually assaulted by her coach has filed a lawsuit against the United States Tennis Association, claiming the organization and its player development affiliate failed to protect her from a known sexual abuser.


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