Attorney Robert Allard Honored for Helping Children

Childhood molestation attorney Robert Allard has received prominent awards from both the Consumer Attorneys of California and the Santa Clara County Trial Lawyers Association for legal assistance rendered to children who have been sexually abused or physically injured.

Allard, along with his national team of attorneys which included Laura Liccardo and Jeff Lochner, was named as a finalist for the “Trial Attorney of the Year” award by the Consumer Attorneys of California at its recent convention in San Francisco. Allard was selected for his groundbreaking work on behalf of the victims of USA Swimming coaches' sexual abuse. Also nominated were celebrated lawyers Mark Geragos and Brian Panish, both of the Los Angeles area. Allard also won the Santa Clara County Trial Lawyers Association Trial Lawyer of the Year award for the third year running, an unprecedented feat.

In the case of Jane Doe v. United States Swimming, Allard's legal team uncovered the largest sexual abuse scandal in U.S. sports history (as covered by 20/20, ESPN and USA Today). Jane Doe revealed that corruption penetrated the highest echelons at USA Swimming. Her testimony helped to establish that, for decades, the organization covered up what it knew about reported sexual misconduct perpetrated by member coaches. Allegedly, USA Swimming did nothing to prevent the sexual abuse of minors.

The litigation forced USA Swimming to enact sweeping and comprehensive policies to address the epidemic of sexual abuse on the part of its coaches. As a result of Allard's litigation and public outrage, the United States Olympic Committee took steps to ensure the safety of nearly one million athletes by centralizing and standardizing background checks across all Olympic sports.

Allard's legal team is now working in the legislative arena to enact tougher laws to hold organizations that enable predators accountable.

“We as lawyers are uniquely positioned to help those in need, especially children,” stated Allard. “We have to understand that is not just about the money, but about making things better for the community at large. If we all do our own little part with every case we handle, we can accomplish a lot of common good.”

Allard recently secured $6.6 million from residential construction contractors on behalf of a young child hit by a car, believed to be one of the highest settlements for a minor in county history. According to the lawsuit, the 12-year-old child was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk to the Willow Glen Library in July 2011 when he came upon a residential construction site on Hicks Avenue. The sidewalk was blocked by a swing gate attached to a construction fence surrounding the perimeter of the house. The child was forced off the sidewalk and into the street where he was struck head-on by a car traveling in the opposite direction. Hospitalized ever since, the boy continues to require around-the-clock medical care and assistance. With his record-setting settlement, however, he is assured of the very best medical care for the rest of his life.

Allard is working with San Jose City Councilman Sam Liccardo to enact tougher laws against construction contractors who maintain dangerous work sites which jeopardize public safety.

“We are extremely gratified that my client’s parents no longer have to worry about mounting medical expenses and can now focus exclusively on getting him back on his feet again,” commented Allard. “Further, the parents are pleased that, out of this horrible tragedy, future accidents can be prevented through the legislation authored by Mr. Liccardo.”

Consumer Attorneys of California is a professional organization made up of nearly 3,000 attorneys who represent plaintiffs seeking accountability from those who do wrong.

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