Lawsuit Filed in Molestation Case of Former O.B. Whaley Teacher Craig Chandler

The molestation victims' rights law firm of Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard has filed notice with the Evergreen Elementary School District, asking that the ten-year-old child molestation victim of O.B. Whaley teacher Craig Chandler be compensated for the nine months of molestation and abuse to which she was subjected.

According to the "Application for Leave to Submit Late Claim," child molestation victims' attorney and advocate Robert Allard is asking the school district to formally take responsibility for Chandler's actions by accepting the Government Tort Claim and be accountable for its part in the alleged Craig Chandler molestation of O.B. Whaley students.

"Too many people have already put the District in a precarious financial position by failing to report Chandler's actions to law enforcement. It's time for the District to look out for the best interests of kids, take responsibility for the molestations, and stop wasting further money on legal fees", said Allard.

According to the Government Tort Claim served on the District, the ten year old victim, identified as Jane Doe, was isolated and blindfolded by Craig Chandler. At that time, Craig Chandler allegedly asked the victim what kind of candy she liked and proceeded to place various things in her mouth. Ultimately, Craig Chandler placed his penis in her mouth and instructed her not to bite down and chew it. This practice was repeated on at least ten (10) other occasions. Jane Doe is one of the five victims identified by the District Attorney in its criminal charges against Chandler (Santa Clara County Superior Court, Case #C1223754). Also facing criminal charges is the principal of O.B. Whaley, Lyn Vijayendran, who is accused of failing to report the suspected child molestation despite being a mandated reporter.

"The current laws favor school districts by discouraging the reporting of suspected cases of child molestation," said Allard. "The victims, even minors, have only one year from the date of the molestation to report such crimes. It's in the best interests of school officials to fail to report such crimes and consequently avoid accountability from civil lawsuits. Our law firm will subpoena emails and other internal documents along with deposing top administrators and teachers to find out who knew what about Chandler's molestation actions and when they knew about it. Too many children have been hurt by this School District's actions."

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