Child Molestation Lawsuit Filed against EMQ FamiliesFirst

A lawsuit by child molestation attorney Robert Allard alleges that EMQ FamiliesFirst disregarded victim Jane Doe's sexual abuse complaint against Waking Bailey, which placed her in a position to be sexually molested a week later and then retaliated against for reporting the crime. EMQ FamiliesFirst is a Los Gatos facility that houses children who are dependents of the court.

The lawsuit seeks to hold EMQ FamiliesFirst accountable for the molestation and retaliation against Jane Doe. Even though Jane Doe's allegations were first made in May of 2009, it took EMQ nearly two years to place Bailey on leave. EMQ did so only after Bailey allegedly molested another victim. In 2011, a 9-year-old living in the same group home told police that Bailey on several occasions molested her and forced her to watch pornography on his cell phone.

Bailey is facing felony criminal charges for allegedly sexually molesting two at-risk young girls as well as a developmentally disabled young woman.

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