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US Center for SafeSport Sued by Sexual Abuse Victims

The Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard sexual abuse legal team along with a group of nationally prominent attorneys are suing the US Center for SafeSport for failing to protect athletes. SafeSport was added as a defendant to the amended USOC sexual abuse lawsuit filed against the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). The lawsuit alleges that the sexual abuse investigations against Jean and Steve Lopez were suspended to allow the brothers to coach and compete in the 2016 Olympic Games and the 2017 US Championships. Taekwondo champion Mandy Meloon first filed a complaint with USA Taekwondo (USAT), the organization authorized by the USOC to oversee the sport of taekwondo in the United States, in 2006. In her complaint to USAT, Meloon alleged that Jean Lopez had sexually…

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Ohio State University Sued for Sexual Misconduct by Former Team Physician Dr. Richard Strauss

Federal class-action lawsuit claims Ohio State knew about Dr. Richard Strauss sexual misconduct and failed to act. A national group of prominent attorneys and law firms who represent sexual abuse victims, including the sexual abuse attorneys at Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard, have filed a class-action lawsuit against the Ohio State University. The lawsuit claims that the school knew that former team physician Dr. Richard Strauss took sexual advantage of student-athletes. As a result, the complaint states that the university did nothing to stop him from harming hundreds of athletes from 14 different sports. The OSU Strauss lawsuit charges that Dr. Richard Strauss was employed to administer physical examinations on the student-athletes as a condition of their participation in the sport that they were recruited for.…

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USA Diving Olympic Hopeful Files Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against USA Diving & USOC

A group of nationally prominent sex abuse attorneys and law firms, including the sexual abuse legal team at Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard, have filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against USA Diving and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) on behalf of an Olympic diving hopeful. The class-action lawsuit alleges the sexual abuse of former diver Eszter Pryor along with a claim of forced labor. Pryor competed at the 2012 US Olympic Trials as a 14-year-old diver. Pryor, along with all diving athletes, is forced to pursue their Olympic dream by participating in events sponsored and controlled by USA Diving, the organization selected by the USOC to oversee competitive diving in the United States. As a result of the power held by USA Diving, divers are…

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USOC Sued for Forcing Athletes to Train with Predator Coaches in Order to Pursue Olympic Dreams

A newly filed lawsuit on behalf of four taekwondo champion athletes claims that the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) engaged in sex trafficking by forcing the athletes to train and travel with known sexual predator coaches. The USOC sex trafficking lawsuit is a joint legal effort brought forth by nationally prominent attorneys who work on behalf of sexual abuse victims, including attorneys Robert Allard and Lauren Cerri from Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of former USA Taekwondo (USAT) athletes Amber Means (Randall), Mandy Meloon, Heidi Gilbert, and Gabriella Joslin. According to the lawsuit, the USOC and USAT knowingly participated in a venture to traffic the four young female athletes and numerous other unknown other young female USA Taekwondo athletes around…

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Dr. George Tyndall Physician Sex Abuse

Attorneys Representing Physician Sex Abuse Victims

It is reported that as many as 200 current and former USC students are alleging that ex-campus gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall engaged in sexual misconduct of patients at the student health center. The problem of physician sexual abuse and the lack of consequences goes to medical boards who oversee discipline. In case after case, physicians escape punishment, or in the case of Dr. Tyndall, they are allegedly paid secretly to silently go away.

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Ariana Kukors Smith Press Conference

Lawsuit Charges USA Swimming Responsible for Sex Abuse of Olympian Ariana Kukors Smith

Olympian Ariana Kukors Smith, in a lawsuit filed in California, alleges that her former swim coach Sean Hutchison sexually abused her as a minor, and that the sport’s governing body, USA Swimming, covered up the sexual abuse.

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Sexual Assault Charges Filed Against Fantasia Performance and Art Center’s Raymond Chen

Raymond Juichung Chen of the Fantasia Performance and Art Center in Milpitas may have sexually assaulted numerous girls of the aftercare program. Attorney Lauren Cerri and the child sex abuse team at Corsiglia McMahon & Allard is representing one of the Fantasia Performance and Art Center victims. Former San Jose police sex crimes detective Mike Leininger, now working for Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, is interviewing witnesses or the parents of possible victims. If you have information or are the parent of a victim, please call our law firm at 408-289-1417.

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20/20 Exposes USA Swimming Sexual Abuse

USA Swimming Sexual Abuse Resignations

With reports that nearly 600 swimmers were sexually abused by more than 250 coaches & officials, USA Swimming announced the resignations of two key leaders. Attorney Robert Allard asked new USA Swimming President and CEO Tim Hinchey to terminate both Susan Woessner and Pat Hogan if he wanted to send a positive message to the swimming community that the organization was moving in a different direction in terms of protecting children from pedophile coaches. Hinchey is commended for taking the request seriously and ultimately forcing the resignations of these two individuals who were at the heart of the scandal which has rocked this great sport.

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Coaching Sex Abuse

USA Swimming Sex Abuse Scandal

An explosive report from the Orange County Register claims that a culture inside USA Swimming allowed the sexual abuse of 600 young swimmers by more than 250 coaches. Investigative reporter Scott Reid, longtime reporter of Olympic sports and one of the first to document sexual abuse inside USA Gymnastics, reports that “USA Swimming board members and coaches were aware of statutory rape cases that occurred during U.S. national team trips to major international competitions.” The news article also states that “top USA Swimming executives, board members, top officials, and coaches acknowledge in the documents that they were aware of sexually predatory coaches for years, in some cases even decades, but did not take action against them.” 100s of USA swimmers were sexually abused for decades…

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