Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse and Molestation

A Long History of Child Sex Abuse

The Boy Scouts of America is one of the largest youth organization programs in the United States. Currently, there are millions of young members, and nearly a million adult volunteers. The organization's main goal is to train youth in responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance. Young members are expected to form a close relationship with adult leaders, who act as role models and mentors. However, some leaders and volunteers abuse this trust, taking advantage of their closeness to young children and sexually molesting them. Confidential files recently released by Boy Scouts of America identify more than 1,000 leaders and volunteers banned from the group after being accused of sexual or inappropriate conduct with boys.

According to the Los Angeles Times, "the files revealed a clear pattern of grooming behavior, in which men seduced their young victims". In September, The Times reported that Boy Scouts of America failed to report hundreds of alleged child molesters to police. Furthermore, they often hid the allegations from parents and the public, in order to protect their reputation. Instead, they used these files solely as a reference, to ban molesters and prevent those on the list from returning. However, these efforts failed miserably; not only did it fail to prosecute any of these known child molesters; many sexual predators were able to reenter the program, even after being expelled and convicted, by exploiting clerical errors, computer glitches, or institutional negligence. In some cases, officials documented abuse, but still allowed the abuser to continue working.

Child molestation attorney Robert Allard was interviewed by KGO Radio News on the so-called Boy Scouts "perversion files."

Survivors of Boy Scouts molestation and abuse are coming forward and providing the information necessary to gain justice. The Boy Scouts of America sex abuse lawyers at Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard are committed to helping victims of abuse move forward and obtain justice for the suffering they carry. Often, victims of sex abuse wish to prosecute their molesters later in their lives, but are prohibited from doing so by a statute of limitations. It is important to come forward now and break your silence if you have been sexually abused.

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