USA Diving Olympic Hopeful Files Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against USA Diving & USOC

A group of nationally prominent sex abuse attorneys and law firms, including the sexual abuse legal team at Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard, have filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against USA Diving and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) on behalf of an Olympic diving hopeful. The class-action lawsuit alleges the sexual abuse of former diver Eszter Pryor along with a claim of forced labor. Pryor competed at the 2012 US Olympic Trials as a 14-year-old diver.

Pryor, along with all diving athletes, is forced to pursue their Olympic dream by participating in events sponsored and controlled by USA Diving, the organization selected by the USOC to oversee competitive diving in the United States. As a result of the power held by USA Diving, divers are forced to accept training and coaching from individuals that in some cases are suspected predators.

In Pryor’s case, she claims that she was sexually abused on multiple occasions by coach William Bohonyi while training with him at The Ohio State Diving Club. The club practiced on the campus of The Ohio State University and was sanctioned by USA Diving and the USOC.

Although Bohonyi was the first coach publicly banned from coaching by USA Diving, the lawsuit claims that the Ohio State Diving Club did not stop Bohonyi from coaching USA Diving members. Pryor alleges that Ohio State University failed to report Bohonyi to outside law enforcement agencies after it became aware of Bohonyi abusing her.

“The coaches and executives who select America’s diving team are authority figures with enormous power over the athletes they coach,” said Attorney Robert Allard of San Jose, CA.  “This imbalance of power is exploited by predator coaches because they know that young athletes are under intense pressure to obey their coaches or risk losing their Olympic dream.”

Former Ohio State Diver Alleges Sexual Abuse By Coach: My Identity Was Changed | Megyn Kelly TODAY

The lawsuit claims that while the USOC had hundreds of millions of dollars available to spend on the safety and wellbeing of athletes whose labor earned this money, the USOC did nothing from 2010-2015 to ensure that USA Diving was complying with SafeSport program mandated by the USOC. Ohio State, it is alleged, had even more money to spend to protect athletes using its facilities, but also failed to do so.

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