Arrested for Touching, Filming Sedated 8-Year-Old

Antioch resident Alejandro Saro, 24, has been arrested on child molestation charges. The eight-year-old girl, under sedation in La Clinica dental office where Saro worked, allegedly saw him lift up her clothing, take photographs of her genital area, and touch her sexually. As a result, she later told a relative, who reported Saro to the police. As a result, authorities raided Alejandro Saro’s home and seized his cell phone and several videos he’d made.

Update, More child come forward claiming sexual abuse by Concord dental assistant

Alejandro Saro was charged with eight counts of forced lewd acts upon a child and possession of child pornography. Since his arrest, however, two more victims—both girls under the age of 10—have come forward to accuse him of molestation. Authorities urge anyone else who has been molested by Alejandro Saro to call the Concord Police Department Special Victims Unit Hot Line or if your child was victimized by Saro call the law of Corsiglia McMahon & Allard.

The Alejandro Saro case demonstrates that children may be molested at any time, any place. Frequently, child molesters are not strangers on lonely streets or in alleyways. They are professional men and women, teachers, healthcare workers, daycare supervisors, and other people in positions of trust and authority. Finally, molesters take advantage of their position of authority to sexually abuse children at will. Or as in the Alejandro Saro case, their access to sedative gases.

Warning Signs of Sex Abuse

Parents need to be aware of what their child is doing and who their child is with. As such, they should also be vigilant for the signs of child sex abuse. However if your child has become withdrawn, clingy, irritable, moody, inexplicably fearful of certain people, places, or things, regresses to a younger age mentally or behaviorally, or begins to self-harm, these may be signs that your child has been sexually molested. If your child tells you that he or she has been sexually abused, don’t get angry and don’t interrogate them—believe them. Finally, get the basic information you need to make a police report from your child and then do so.

The wisest step to take next is to hire a child sex abuse attorney. Before evidence disappears, or before another child is victimized, you should get in touch with an experienced, assertive child sex abuse lawyer such as the law firm of Corsiglia McMahon & Allard can provide. We have years of experience trying child sex abuse cases. As a result, we have the legal know-how to get you the settlement you deserve. You shouldn’t have to bear the burden of a molester’s crimes—get the competent legal help you need today. If your child has been molested by Alejandro Saro or another person, contact Corsiglia McMahon & Allard at 408-289-1417 for a free and confidential consultation.