Attorney Lauren Cerri

Attorney Lauren A. Cerri is committed to achieving justice for sexual abuse victims and holding accountable those individuals and institutions responsible for allowing the abuse to occur. Ms. Cerri works closely with victims and their families to ensure that the well-being of the children always comes first while working to hold accountable the institutions that failed to protect those children from childhood sexual abuse.

Attorney Lauren Cerri

A Santa Clara county jury returned verdict of $102.5 million against the Union School District in a sexual abuse case involving two former students who were sexually abused by their music teacher. The jury awarded Ms. Cerri’s client $65 million of the $102.5 million award and attributed 80% of the fault to the District. The judgment on behalf of Ms. Cerri’s client is believed to be the largest single plaintiff sexual abuse verdict against a school district in California.

In another case against the Union School District, Ms. Cerri obtained a $7.5 Million settlement on behalf of five men in their 50’s who were sexually abused by their elementary school teacher in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

Recognizing what is most important to victims and their parents, Ms. Cerri fights for more than just monetary compensation, taking legal action to mandate that institutions implement and enforce policies and procedures and lobbying for state legislation to better protect children from sexual predators.

One example is the Audrie Pott case. Audrie was a high school student who was sexually assaulted in 2012 by three male classmates and later bullied and shamed. She took her own life eight days later. Audrie’s case changed California law by increasing penalties for teens convicted of sexual acts against individuals who are incapable of giving their consent.

"We’re not just getting money for the victims, we’re changing laws, we’re changing policies and procedures, and training schools, churches and other institutions to prevent abuse," Ms. Cerri said. "The reason we pursue these cases is to try to eradicate the problem."

In a case against the Morgan Hill Unified School District that settled for $8.25 million for three victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by their fifth-grade teacher despite numerous red flag warning signs, Ms. Cerri represented one of those victims. As part of the sexual abuse lawsuit settlement, the school district was required to implement a child protection system including programs to train students to recognize and prevent sexual abuse and to train staff on grooming signs and predator identification.

Mc. Cerri was trial counsel for one of four victims in two separate sexual abuse cases that settled during trial against the Evergreen School District for a total of $15 million and against a childcare provider for a total of $9 million.

She was involved in a case that resolved for $8.2 million on the eve of trial against United States Youth Soccer Association and its affiliate on behalf of a child sexually abused by her soccer coach due to the failure to mandate and conduct criminal background checks of coaches.

Ms. Cerri earned a Bachelor of Arts in 2002 from the University of Connecticut and her Juris Doctor from the University of Connecticut School of Law in 2008. She was admitted to the Connecticut Bar in 2008 and the California Bar in 2012.

Prior to joining Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.C., she worked as an associate attorney at a Connecticut law firm that represented hundreds of childhood sexual abuse victims in civil cases against the Catholic Church and other religious organizations, as well as school districts and hospitals.

She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Santa Clara County Trial Lawyers’ Association. She was named to the California Super Lawyers Rising Star list for six consecutive years beginning in 2015 and as a Super Lawyer since 2021. She was named the Santa Clara County Trial Lawyer of the Year in 2016.

Additional Case Results:

Jane Doe v. Union School District
$65 million jury verdict for student sexually abused by her teacher at Dartmouth Middle School

John Doe v. Union School District
$7.5 million for five men sexually abused by their teacher in the late 1970s and early 1980s

Jane Doe v. Unnamed Private School
$3.5 million for student sexually abused by a teacher at a private high school

Jane Doe v. Unnamed Charter School
$3.15 million for a student sexually abused by a teacher’s aide at a charter school

Jane Doe v. EMQ Families First
$2 million for sexual abuse of two children by group home employee.

Jane Doe v. New Haven Unified School District
$1.85 million for three students sexually abused by their elementary school teacher.

John Doe v. San Ramon Unified School District and New Life Church of Alamo
$1.548 million to child sexually abused by school wrestling coach and church youth group Leader

John Doe v. Jefferson School District
$1.2 million for student who was sexually abused by his fourth grade teacher

Jane Doe v Unnamed Charter School
$1.2 million for sexual abuse of a student by her high school teacher

John Doe v. The Unity Care Group and County of Santa Clara
$1.105 million to three foster children sexually abused by wraparound service provider.

Jane Doe v. Morgan Hill Unified School District and South Valley Dance Arts
$1.045 million to three children sexually abused by a theater technician.

Jane Doe v. Los Banos Unified School District
$1 million to student who was sexually abused by her high school drama teacher at Pacheco High School

Jane Doe v. Jefferson School District
$900,000 for student who was sexually abused by her teacher

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