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It's no secret that Catholic and Christian schools have covered up the sexual abuse of their students for decades. If you are a victim or survivor of sexual abuse while attending a Catholic or Christian school, the time is now to hold them responsible and accountable for failing to protect you.

Many Catholic and Christian school sexual abuse victims live with the shame for years. But the shame does not belong with you. It belongs to your abuser and to the school that enabled their behavior by looking the other way. Let us help you put the shame where it belongs, just like we did with Presentation High School.

Presentation High School sexual abuse

Working with sexual misconduct survivors, we uncovered a massive decades-long cover-up which resulted in new leadership.

Why should I come forward now?

The law in California is providing you with a very narrow window of time to take action. As a result of California Assembly Bill 218, ALL Catholic and Christian school sexual abuse victims and survivors have until the end of 2022 to file a lawsuit against the school.

Allison Brown came forward early in 2021 and filed a lawsuit against Valley Christian High School, alleging that her basketball coach Greg Marshall abused her starting in the 2003-2004 school year. Her civil lawsuit settled six months later.

If you were abused in California, you still have time to protect your legal rights. Call and speak to one of our award-winning sexual abuse attorneys for a free and confidential consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to attorney Robert Allard, "predators work best in an environment where there are little if any rules or regulations serving to regulate their actions and those who supervise them have insufficient training. Although the sex abuse of children sadly occurs across the educational sector, I have found that the environment described above presents itself in private schools on a far more regular basis when compared to public ones.

Each public school is part of a district which is regulated by duly elected public officials who serve limited terms on school boards. Further, when entitles such as public schools receive government funding, they have to follow the Education Code for issues like the hiring, training and supervision of educators.

Public schools are also required to adhere to Title 9 federal regulations, including appointment of a Title 9 coordinator whose job duties include administering complaints for, amongst other things, abuse, discrimination and harassment. Not so with private schools as they completely regulate themselves in an autonomous fashion.

In the case of Catholic Schools, critical decisions about the creation and enforcement of rules falls squarely on the Diocese, the Bishop for whom responds only to the Pope in Rome. This lack of checks and balances is frightening. I don’t say this lightly as all four of my kids attended private Catholic schools. Thus, when incidents of sex abuse occur in private schools, it is all the more critical that we bring them to light, expose those who failed to protect children from known predators and publicly pressure administrators to implement real, transparent and rigorous protection systems."

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