Embarcadero YMCA Molestation

Former Embarcadero YMCA camp counselor Evin "Devin" Blanchard, a suspect in the Embarcadero YMCA molestation case, is accused of molesting at least three teenage girls. Furthermore, San Francisco police are saying that there may be more Embarcadero YMCA molestation victims. The Embarcadero YMCA is one of 14 centers run by the YMCA of San Francisco. It is the central hub for seven community locations, including Youth Chance High School and the Treasure Island YMCA.

Similarities to YMCA of Silicon Valley Sex Abuse Case
According to child molestation victims’ rights attorney Robert Allard, this Embarcadero YMCA molestation case is reminiscent of the YMCA of Silicon Valley case. In that case, Mr. Allard and his legal team represented the families of four children molested by convicted child molester Nicolas Lhermine.

According to Mr. Allard, his lawsuit alleged that the YMCA of Silicon Valley failed to protect the children by providing Lhermine unsupervised access to the kids. Based on his experience representing sex abuse victims, Mr. Allard states that the lack of supervision of unqualified counselors many times leads to tragic results. For example, in the CDI molestation lawsuit, the complaint maintained that these children should never have been molested if the daycare center followed the law and properly supervised the counselor.

Furthermore, for parents who find themselves learning that Embarcadero YMCA molestation suspect Evin Devin Blanchard may have abused their child or a loved one, Mr. Allard has this advice:

Embarcardo YMCA Molestation - Beware of Statutes of Limitations
There are time limits when it comes to seeking civil justice in sex abuse cases, known as statutes of limitations. Consequently, they often prohibit people who experienced childhood sex abuse from obtaining civil justice.

Mr. Allard urges the parents or the loved ones of the Embarcardo YMCA molestation to come forward. The law firm of Corsiglia McMahon & Allard can help victims of former Embarcadero YMCA camp counselor Evin "Devin" Blanchard. Thus, when you are ready to move forward, we stand ready to help. Call our San Jose office at 408-289-1417. Finally, you can contact us online to schedule your free confidential consultation. You will be able to speak to one of our experienced sex abuse attorneys.