Former Canyon Aquatics Club coach David Kuck files whistleblower lawsuit

USA Swimming and Canyons Aquatic Club ignored repeated complaints involving alleged predator coach Jay Anderson

Former Canyons Aquatic Club head coach David Kuck has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against Canyons Aquatic Club, a USA Swimming club. The lawsuit alleges that Kuck was fired after he notified officials from Canyons Aquatic Club, as well as USA Swimming and its regional arm Southern California Swimming, of multiple incidents of sexual abuse committed by former USA swimming coach member Jeremy “Jay” Anderson. Anderson recently died in the custody of US Marshals in Costa Rica after he fled the United States while facing criminal sexual abuse charges in Los Angeles.

In April of 2018, the lawsuit claims that a number of inappropriate text messages from Anderson were discovered on a young athlete’s phone. The chain of text messages between Anderson and the boy revealed the names of other athletes who had apparently been victimized by Anderson. This helped fuel the criminal investigation into Anderson that was finally made public in June of 2019.

Even after the board terminated Anderson, the lawsuit claims that the board silenced Kuck by barring him from notifying club members for fear of attracting lawsuits or prompting additional victims to come forward.

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Victim Advocate Jancy Thompson is a USA Swimming sexual abuse survivor. She encourages victims of coach Anderson to call her at 408-289-1417. "It is important to get help immediately," Thompson said. "For victims, the effects of sexual abuse can be devastating. Victims may feel significant distress and display a wide range of psychological symptoms, both short- and long-term. They may feel powerless, ashamed, and distrustful of others. The abuse may disrupt the victims’ development and increase the likelihood that they will experience other sexual assaults in the future."

Attorney Robert Allard from the San Jose law firm of Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard has spent more than ten years exposing USA Swimming’s failure to curtail sex abuse of minor swimmers occurring within its ranks.  In Stockton, California, Mr. Allard's legal team is representing a young female swimmer in a sexual abuse lawsuit against USA Swimming, alleging that the organization failed to protect the young girl from a pedophile coach. "What happened in Stockton and what happened in Santa Clarita has been happening all over the country for decades," Mr. Allard said. "The only way to make sure that this stops here and now is for sexually abused swimmers to step forward and to hold the organization accountable for its negligence."

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