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Jerry Mares, middle school teacher at Monterey County Greenfield Union School District’s Vista Verde Middle School, is facing child sex crime charges following his announced arrest this weekend. According to reports, Mares was arrested on Friday, December 7th, 2018 when a patrol unit stopped to investigate a suspicious vehicle report on the 50 block of Walker Lane.  Police found Jerry Mares with an underage girl.

About Jerry Mares

Greenfield Vista Verde Jerry MaresMonterey County Greenfield Union School District’s Vista Verde Middle School teacher Jerry Mares has been credentialed since 2004, according to The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. And on payroll at Greenfield Union School District since at least 2012, per Transparent California.

During the 2015-16 school year, 1,055 students were enrolled at Vista Verde Middle School, served by approximately 40 credentialed teachers, including Jerry Mares, and nine non-credentialed teachers.

Greenfield Union School District currently operates three elementary schools and one middle school which serve over 3,400 students in grades TK-8, according to 2015-2016 School Accountability Report Card. State reports show that 98% of the students are Hispanic and 79% are classified as English Learners. Vista Verde Middle School teacher Jerry Mares also had a credential to teach students for English language development in grades twelve and below.

Educator Sexual Abuse – A Chronic Problem

Educator sexual abuse continues to be a major problem in schools. Statistics indicate that at nearly one in nine students will graduate high school having faced some form of sexual misconduct during their school years.

The child sexual abuse law firm of Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard makes the safety of children its number one priority by representing students that have been harmed by sexual abuse and holding school districts accountable for failing to protect students.

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