Harker Teachers Arrested for Sexual Misconduct

Two teachers from The Harker School in San Jose are facing sexual misconduct charges following their arrests only a few weeks apart.

In September of 2018, Jonathan Sammartino was arrested for the alleged sexual assault of a minor during the time he worked in the San Diego area. According to a search warrant for Jonathan Sammartino, he was arrested for engaging in sexual acts with a then minor from La Jolla Country Day School in San Diego County. The warrant said that Sammartino allegedly engaged in multiple sex acts with the student in 2016. One month after reporting the sexual misconduct crimes to law enforcement, Sammartino spoke to the victim over the phone and acknowledged the sexual misconduct and his knowledge that she was underage.

Before teaching at La Jolla Country Day School, Sammartino is believed to have taught at the French American International School in San Francisco for two years.

Sammartino was teaching AP & Introductory Psychology at The Harker School in San Jose when he was arrested. He was removed from his teaching position upon his arrest.

The Harker School Music Teacher Christopher Florio

In August of 2018, Christopher Florio, a longtime music instructor at The Harker School, was arrested. He is facing severe sexual misconduct charges for allegedly soliciting a 16-year-old student for sexually explicit images.

Christopher Florio reportedly was fired by The Harker School. He also resigned from the Palo Alto-based California Youth Symphony as one of their conductors.

Police reports indicate that Christopher Florio allegedly had sexual conversations with the student during school-related functions. He reportedly contacted her through social media as well to request sexually explicit images.

Since 2005, Florio has taught music at The Harker School. Florio also conducted the wind symphony for the California Youth Symphony.

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