John Fickas sentenced for sexual assault

Survivors came forward.

John Fickas has been sentenced to 28 years and eight months in prison for sexual assault. He was facing more than a dozen counts of sexual abuse. He was originally charged with assaulting two victims, but the Monterey County Sheriff’s detectives learned of other possible victims. Acting on those tips, Fickas was charged with additional counts of sexual abuse. In the end, he will serve his term in state prison for the assaults that occurred from 2009 through 2015 on five victims ranging in age from 15 to 40 years old.

Fickas is a well-known North Monterey County political consultant, a long-time volunteer high school coach, and a former school member.

The charges against Fickas allege that he drugged, incapacitated, and raped his victims, one in 2009 and the other on Election Day, 2015. He also faced 10 other counts of sex crimes against four victims, all but one of whom are female, and at least two of whom were also underage, between 2009 to 2015.

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Who is John Fickas

It is reported that Fickas has served as a volunteer coach for 17-years. Most recently, he coached the girls' junior varsity field hockey team and was the varsity shot put coach for the track and field team at North Salinas High School.

The Monterey County Weekly reports that the school district may have been aware of Fickas’ activity before his arrest. The publication states, “A source who has worked within the district and agreed to speak to the Weekly under anonymity says that several years ago, they warned the school district that Fickas had been harassing female students; the source says they were admonished to keep out of it. It appears no action was ever taken against him.”

As a political consultant, Fickas promoted himself as an individual who could recruit volunteers for phone banks and knock on doors to distribute campaign materials. It is reported that Fickas would use high school students who would then receive community service credit. Fickas also served as a volunteer coach at North Salinas High School and Alvarez High School.

The victims are NOT to blame

In sexual assault cases, it is common for the perpetrator to use his or her position of power to coerce the victim into an illegal and unwanted act. And when coercion does not work, perpetrators will resort to other methods, such as force or incapacitating a victim. But it usually starts with the grooming of the victim to gain her or his trust.

The effects of sexual assault last into adulthood, touching every aspect of victims’ lives. For that reason, don't bear the financial burden of trauma that someone else is responsible for.

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