In 2017, Scott MacMillan, a K-8 science teacher at Heron School in Natomas, was sentenced to 30 days in jail after he pleaded no contest to a felony charge of attempted possession of child pornography and misdemeanor invasion of privacy by photographing a student under her clothing.

Over the winter break in December 2016, a student notified the Sacramento Natomas Unified School District that MacMillan, a former finalist for California’s Presidential Award of Excellence, had been seen taking photos of a 12-year-old female student underneath the desk. 

Students had noticed MacMillan’s suspicious activities and recorded him while he was attempting to take the images of the student. Of the pictures found, several images looked like the victims did not know they were being recorded. There were pictures of female chests and genitals, and even a staff member said MacMillan “approached her to take a photo under her skirt.”   

By December 22nd, the school district suspended MacMillan while he was being investigated by the Sacramento Police Department’s Sexual Assault Unit. He had been an employee since 1998. As the school district began termination proceedings, MacMillan resigned. 

At the start of January 2017, an arrest warrant was issued, but MacMillan turned himself into the Sacramento County Jail. When he was sentenced to his 30-day jail term, some parents thought he was given a lenient sentence for “the seriousness of the crimes.” 

In addition to the 30 days in jail, MacMillan also has three years of probation and must register as a sex offender. In August 2018, the California Teachers Commission revoked his teaching credential as well. 

Even if MacMillan was recognized as a teacher of excellence, he took advantage of his position to gain access to young victims for his sexual pleasure. The students who kept an eye on him during his suspicious activities and reported him to school officials did the right thing. It is essential to speak up and report activities that are inappropriate to protect other unsuspecting, innocent victims. 

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