Officials at Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School in Salinas were shocked to find out that one of their first-grade teachers, Robert Krietzman, was arrested for having over 600 photos and videos of child pornography. The arrest occurred in May 2016 at Krietzman’s Watsonville home after a six-month-long investigation by the Santa Cruz Police Department.

Krietzman was arrested, along with another suspect, for sharing the pornography files over the internet in a peer to peer network. Santa Cruz Police found child pornography in both his car and on his home computers, which were confiscated. The Department of Justice said that most of the files “depicted prepubescent girls engaged in masturbation, sexual intercourse with men and bondage.” The Santa Cruz Police Department turned over the case to federal prosecutors.

Krietzman pleaded guilty to possessing those sexually explicit photos and videos. In April 2018, U.S. District Court Judge Beth Freeman sentenced Krietzman to five years in prison, five years of supervised release, register as a sex offender, undergo sex offender treatment and counseling, pay $5,000 restitution and $5,100 in special assessment fees. By August 2018, the California Teachers Commission also revoked his teaching credential.

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The severity of the pornographic images and the amount that were shared over the internet is disturbing. These children are innocent victims, and it is terrible to know that people are exploiting them in a sexual manner. Krietzman is just one part of the problem, and we know there is a vast network of people continually using children through pornography. Putting a stop to the exploitation of children is crucial as these photos can last a lifetime, especially as they are being shared on many peer to peer networks. These children had no control, but they can have advocates. The attorneys at Corsiglia, McMahon & Allard are experienced in helping sexually exploited victims fight their abusers to bring justice. If you, or someone you love, have been sexually exploited, we are here to help. Please call (408) 289-1417 for a free and confidential consultation.